Your new vehicle is often your second largest investment next to your home. Just like buying a new home there are many choices and decisions to be made when buying or leasing your new vehicle.

Our Financial Services’ Managers provide professional and caring advice to help you personalize your vehicle purchase with the right financing or leasing options, loan protection and vehicle protection programs.

Our trained automotive lending specialists represent all major chartered banks and automotive dealer plan lending centres. They can provide you detailed information and answer your questions with respect to:

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Dealer Financing

Our Dealer Plan loans are open agreements which means that you can pay into them or pay them off at anytime without penalty. Dealer Plan loans and leases can be tailored to your individual needs with terms up to 96 months and monthly or bi-weekly payment options. We also offer both fixed and variable interest rates, which means that your payment will never go up and the term will never change.
The best part is our interest rates. Because of our high volume of loans and partnerships with 4 major financial institutions we offer the best interest rates available for automotive loans.
- Tailored Loan Packages
- Open Agreements
- Low Interest Rates
- Speedy Approvals
- Automotive Lending Specialists
- New Source of Credit
- Payment Protection Available
- One Stop Shopping
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Loan Protection

Most people rely on financing to make their large purchases. When you make a financial commitment you are likely in good health and feel pretty good that you can make the payments to the lender. You also realize that in order to maintain a good credit rating you need to make your payments on time.
Illness and Injury Coverage is a PAYMENT PROTECTION PLAN. In the event that you are unable to work due to sickness, injury or an accident, whether on the job, at home, or on vacation the payment protection will assume the responsibility for the monthly payments of the vehicle until you are able to return to work. With the optional Life Coverage, in the event of the death the vehicle is paid off completely.
For about a $1 a day you can protect your credit rating and your ‘peace of mind’. Various different plans are available that can be tailored to your needs and budget.
Loan Protection
peace of mind
Payment protection insures one of your most valuable assets; the ability to work and produce an income.
38% of all vehicle repossessions are directly attributed to situations where people are unable to make their payments because of illness or injury. Protect what you can’t predict.

Service Contracts

If you experience an unexpected major vehicle repair six years from now such as an engine overhaul ($5,000) would you be in a comfortable position to make the necessary repair and payment or would this place a burden on your budget? For most of us of course, this could create a financial hardship.
Protect your new vehicle and your budget with an affordable Vehicle Service Contract. A Vehicle Service Contract is like a MECHANICAL INSURANCE PLAN. It allows you to pre-pay future rising repair costs in today’s dollars. The plan pays for the costs of genuine Chrysler Dodge Jeep replacement parts and a qualified technician’s labour on the mechanical, electrical, computerized and high tech components of your vehicle at any of our dealerships right across North America.
There are numerous plans to fit your driving habits and the convenience of simply including the plan in your monthly payment.
An engine on today’s vehicle can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000. Protect yourself from unplanned repair and replacement expenses.

Vehicle Protection

Automotive manufacturers have come a long way in developing rust prevention measures. The fact remains however, that road maintenance crews dump millions of tons of salt and corrosive de-icing agents on Canadian roads each year.
The most destructive automotive rust starts from the interior of body panels and eats its way through to the outside. The prospect of future costly corrosion damage remains high for your vehicle. Rust shortens the life of your vehicle and ruins its appearance, greatly reducing its resale value.
Protect your new investment with our vehicle protection products like Rust Protection, Electromagnetic Surface Protection, Paint Protection, Interior Protection, Tire and Rim warranties, and much more available that can be applied at virtually any point in your vehicles lifetime.
Ontario dumps over 4.5 tons of salt per mile of road on average. Ontario also boasts some of North America’s highest concentration of acid rain.

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